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For the best betting tips online, please continue reading to discover our benfica vs rio ave bettingexpert football match preview, h2h match facts and correct score predictions for Sporting CP vs Benfica. League leaders Sporting face a stiff examination of their title credentials on Monday as they welcome local rivals Sporting in what will likely prove to be a fiercely contested derby match. This is usually a feisty affair, and it should be no different here with Benfica desperate to close the gap at the top. As such, I expect both to score and Benfica will probably settle for a repeat of their draw at Porto last weekend.

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Learning sports betting

The first is the point spread , which is a bet on the margin of victory. If you bet on the Patriots, they need to win the game by 8 points or more for you to win your bet. Spreads are available for all sports, but they are predominantly used when betting on higher-scoring sports like football and basketball. The second way to bet on a favorite or an underdog is on the moneyline. This is based solely on which team will win the game. Because underdogs are expected to lose, there is more of a reward when betting on them.

Moneylines are available for all sports, but they are predominantly used when betting on lower-scoring sports like baseball, hockey and soccer. In addition to setting a line for the favorite and the underdog, oddsmakers will also set a total number of points scored in a game by both teams combined. You could either bet the Over or the Under If you bet the Over and the total points scored end up being or higher, you win your bet.

If the total points scored are or fewer, you lose. The juice is the commission you have to pay to the sportsbook for them to accept your wager. With legalized sports betting spreading across America, sports bettors have never had more options to take advantage of. To see if sports betting is legal where you live, check out our state-by-state tracker. Some of the biggest states that have legalized mobile wagering include Colorado , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , Indiana and West Virginia.

The sportsbooks highlighted below are all trustworthy legal shops that take bets online. Click to return to table of contents. In the end, you have the final say on how much to risk on a game, but a good rule is risk only what you can afford to lose. Sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be good days and bad days. As a result, we recommend a flat-betting approach. They are unique to the team, sport and league, and universal across most sportsbooks.

Much like stocks on Wall Street, the sports betting market is fluid. Lines can vary based on the sportsbook, because different books have different clienteles. As a result, one book may post the Cavs -8 while another has In sports, what happened last week often has little to do with what happened this week, and the advice of sports betting touts, whether free or by subscription, is rarely better than the information you can gather yourself with a little research.

DO be willing to wager on a so-called bad team. Sports gamblers should be looking for the bets that give them the best value, and sometimes that comes by betting against a point spread that involves one really good team and one really bad one. Huge point spreads are often high-value bets, especially if an unbeaten team is playing a struggling squad and the spread is unrealistic. Sports bettors who have success in the long-term know how to pass up on a wager that may seem like a smart pick at first blush.

DO avoid betting with your heart. Sometimes that means avoiding placing wagers on teams you have loved since you were a kid. A gamble that looks like a high-value bet could turn out to be a bust due to the broken arm of a Heisman Trophy-candidate starting QB.

Watch sports news, read sports betting forums, and follow as many teams as you can in the sport you like to wager on. DO shy away from nationally-televised games. The best sports bettors in the world look for value rather than hype. Bookmakers know when a game is getting national attention and they almost always clean up by taking advantage of bettors who lay money on the clear favorite.

Generally speaking, nationally-televised games have inflated lines for the favorite and the over line, so if you do choose to bet a high-profile game, you will probably be better off wagering on the underdogs and under lines. These totally-free message boards and social media sites where bettors gather to talk about upcoming games and wagers can be your best friend, especially if you meet people from other parts of the world that have some insight into a contest that can help you find high value.

Free information on regional games is some of the best info you can find online, so join as many forums and sports betting discussions as you can keep up with.


Understanding the terminology behind placing sports bets is as important as any other feature of learning how to wager on sporting events. Gathering as much information as you can about a game you want to wager on is a major part of smart betting strategy , though it is not the only thing that will turn you into a good sports bettor. Handicapping games means looking into the players on each team, the statistics of both teams, and the prior performance of each team this season.

Because handicapping takes time to learn, betting on sports is better compared to a marathon than a yard dash. The more you know about a sport, and the better you manage your bankroll using patience and discipline , the better your chances of placing successful sports bets. Learning to handicap games means watching the news for changes in team personnel due to injuries, suspensions, and shifts in the coaching lineup as well as weather, the way a line moves throughout a given week, and any factor that can affect the outcome of a contest.

More important than properly handicapping games is the ability to shop for the best possible line. Many sports betting strategists will tell you that finding the cheapest line is far more important that handicapping a game in detail.

In sports, what happened last week often has little to do with what happened this week, and the advice of sports betting touts, whether free or by subscription, is rarely better than the information you can gather yourself with a little research. DO be willing to wager on a so-called bad team. Sports gamblers should be looking for the bets that give them the best value, and sometimes that comes by betting against a point spread that involves one really good team and one really bad one.

Huge point spreads are often high-value bets, especially if an unbeaten team is playing a struggling squad and the spread is unrealistic. Sports bettors who have success in the long-term know how to pass up on a wager that may seem like a smart pick at first blush. DO avoid betting with your heart. Sometimes that means avoiding placing wagers on teams you have loved since you were a kid.

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Article Summary. Part 1 of Bet on point spreads. Point spreads help to balance out the odds of each team winning. This is how many points are added or subtracted from a team's final score. The Bears are less likely to win, so 5 points are added to their final score.

If the Packers beat the Bears by 5 points or less, people who bet on the Packers to cover the spread will lose money. The basic premise is that you need your betting team to either cover the spread, or underperform. In the same example, if you think the Packers will win but won't cover the spread, put money down on them to do so.

If the Packers win by less than 5 points, you will win money. If teams wind up meeting the spread not under or over than you neither win or lose money. In the same example, if the Packers beat the Bears by exactly 5 points, no one wins or loses. This is because teams don't score half points, so you will either win or lose. Place a bet on the money spread. This is a very simple method. You are betting on who will win the game outright. If you think the Chicago Cubs will beat the Pittsburgh Pirates, you will bet on them, and vice versa.

The key here is to look at the point spread of the game. If the Chicago Cubs are given a large point spread -5 then they are seen as more likely to win. If the spreads are pretty even If the point spread seems way too high You will be much more likely to win covering a tight money spread. If there is inclement weather, that also is a heavy factor in money spreads.

Snow, rain, sleet, fog, etc. The worse the weather, the more random the outcome, and therefore the more money you should put down on the money spread. Put your money down on the totals. This is where the betting organization will give you a number 9 , 4 , 10 , , etc.

The number they give you represents the total number of points scored by both teams combined. You have to place a bet as to whether or not the teams combined will score below or above that number. You have to bet whether the Lakers and Thunder will score combined over or under points. Factor in different circumstances. Take decimal odds into account.

Decimal odds are always written as positive numbers, never negative. For example, next to the New England Patriots point spread Then imagine that you bet 0. Multiply the bitcoins you bet by the decimal figure, and that is how many bitcoins you will win, if you betted correctly. So for this example, 0.

This would most likely be rounded up to 0. You will earn 0. It is important to remember that decimal odds include your initial stake. So, for this example, you will not get 0. The stake is already included in the 0. Bitcoins are a form of specialized online currency.

Use American odds. Next to every decimal odds number is either a positive or negative number in parentheses. If the number is positive, this is how much much money you will make on a standard bitcoin stake win. This means that for every bitcoin stake, you will receive bitcoins back.

If you put up 0. The great thing about American odds is that you get your initial stake back. So if you bet 1 bitcoin, and receive 2 bitcoins as your winnings, you will get 3 bitcoins back in total. If the American odds number is negative, this is how many bitcoins you have to produce as your initial stake in order to get bitcoins back. So if the odds are you will have to produce at least bitcoins as your initial stake in order to get bitcoins back.

Bitcoins are a form of online currency. Part 2 of Begin your search for an online sportsbook. A sportsbook is basically a place where you can go and place bets on sports games. Online sportsbooks are very convenient, but are overrun with spam websites, advertisements, etc. It is important to find a site which is safe, like Bovada or Bet Generally speaking, if you type into Google "online sportsbooks" the first few options have the most hits, and are reliable.

Advertisements are quick and easy ways for spammers to try and take your money. Stay away from sites which don't allow you to browse their site until you give a credit card number upfront. It is never safe to give out your personal identification information to a site which you have not scouted out yet. Learn all you can about the betting site. You want to make sure that the sportsbooks have the sports you want to bet on.

Some online sites only specialize in one or two sports. Check out the terms and conditions of the site. Don't skim over them as they contain valuable information, including what they are liable for, and whether they can be sued. It is important that you know the exact amount, and whether you are ever eligible to get that money back. You will need to know how much money you can receive every day, and how much you can place as a stake. Use the sites resource section to find frequently asked questions, and how to contact them.

You will want to put their number in your phone in case of emergencies if you join their site. Decide on a reputable Las Vegas sportsbook. If you do not like gambling online, Nevada is the only state in the country where sports gambling is legal.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas, you will need to find a casino that has a sportsbook. These can usually be found in phone books Yellow Pages or online with full descriptions. Remember, Vegas is a very popular destination, so you will not be able to free yourself from everyone.

However, there are some more expensive sportsbooks which offer more private rooms with people in them. Look on their websites to find out what kind of furnishing they have couches, chairs, etc. These are rather small things in the big picture, but when you bet you want to be as comfortable as possible. Another important thing to look for is how many, and how big are there TV's?

When you go to a sportsbook you will need a ton of TV's to watch at once, especially if you are betting on multiple games in multiple different sports. Choose a local bookie. Local bookies are numerous throughout the United States, and can almost always be found at sports bars. You can do any of the traditional bets you can do at sportsbooks.

Bookies gather together pools of money from multiple gamblers and then disperse the money once the games are over. They could be an undercover policeman. Go to the bar a few times and watch the 'bookie' work. Ask your friends and family about their experiences working with him. Make sure your bookie pays you on time. Sometimes bookies can be passive when it comes to their clients.

Tell your bookie up front that you want your money on time, every week. Make it a point of order to always meet him at the same location and time after every game.

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They got a conclusion where if the Vancouver Canucks restricted Tampa bay to less than 2. Decision trees are much more useful than the classic techniques such as regression and SVMs Support Vector Machine when it comes to predicting future sports performance. The relationships between different variables in sports are very complex and regression generally cannot recognize the relationship between different variables quite as well as decision trees.

Regression also has a problem that it is difficult to determine whether there is simply correlation or whether there is causation. Decision trees are better at discarding information that is essentially useless. Decision trees can be used to classify good players whose FIFA rating is over They have the ability to analyze data sets and identify patterns that can then be used to forecast classes for new data points. In this algorithm, a line is drawn between two different classified groups of data and this line will be the farthest away from the two points of each data group that are closes to one another.

SVMs can handle non-linear data and calculate probabilities rather than just output binary predictions. SVMs provide a viable approach for the calculation of expected goals. More about expected goals can be read here: Football modelling and expected goals. Naive Bayes is a classification technique based on the Bayes Theorem with an assumption of independence between predictors. For example, if you take attributes such as rain, pitch size and throw-ins to predict match winner in soccer, you would assume that all those three attributes independently contribute to probability of the match winner.

The advantages of using Naive Bayes classifiers is that they are highly scalable when presented with large amounts of data. Also, Naive Bayes is known to outperform even highly sophisticated classification methods. In general, it classifies new cases by majority vote of its k-neighbors. The case being assigned to the class is most common amongst its K nearest neighbors measured by a distance function.

As an example, k- Nearest Neighbors is used to evaluate soccer talents for suitable positions, considering their skills and characteristics. K-Means can easily classify a given data set through a certain number of clusters. Clustering is a technique for finding similarity groups in a data, called clusters. To run a k-means algorithm, you have to randomly initialize three points called centroids.

We have three centroids because we want to group the data into three clusters. In cluster assignment step, the algorithm goes through each of the data points and depending on which cluster is closer, it assigns the data points to it. In move centroid step, K-means moves the centroids to the average of the points in a cluster.

In other words, the algorithm calculates the average of all the points in a cluster and moves the centroid to that average location. The fundamental component of Random Forest learning algorithm is the decision trees. As we have mentioned above, decision trees are capable of fitting complex datasets and perform both classification and regression tasks. The idea behind this method is that a combination of learning models increases the overall result.

Dimension reduction techniques describes the process of converting a set of data with vast dimensions into data with lesser dimensions ensuing that it conveys similar information concisely. These techniques are used while dealing with machine learning problems to obtain better features for a classification or regression task. The benefits here are in data compression and time needed for performing same computations. Boosting algorithms are used when we have plenty of data to make a prediction.

It is an ensemble of learning algorithms which combines the predictions of several bases estimators in order to improve the robustness over a single estimator. XGBoost is a boosting algorithm that possesses both linear model and the tree learning algorithm and does parallel computations on a single machine. Machine learning has been applied to sports betting for a while now and companies like Stratagem are using the above-mentioned methods in their prediction models.

Stratagem mission is very simple: they build betting models, look for patterns and make money out of them. The company uses human resources to analyze and follow matches around the globe, adding valuable detailed information to in-house model and improving their accuracy.

As an example, Stratagem already uses machine learning to analyze its data finding the best time to place a bet , but it is also developing AI tools that can analyze sporting events in real time, pulling out data the can help with match winner predictions. They have already moved forward to using deep neural networks to achieve the task of predicting match outcomes.

Because of the amount of data available nowadays, their in-house software is trying to absorb as much data as possible and find the needed patterns via failure and success — the end goal being an AI that can manage multiple events simultaneously and extracting insights during that process. Artificial Neural Networks ANNs are one of the most common machine learning approaches to sport betting prediction.

These have interconnected components that transform a set of inputs into a desired output. The main step here is to use the features contained in the processed training dataset and build the ANN classification model. We can paraphrase the above and say that the weights associated with the interconnected components are continuously changing and this contributes to higher predictive power.

An appealing feature of the ANNs is that they are flexible in terms of defining the class variable. The ANNs model has already been applied in NFL where five features were used: yards gained, rushing yards gained, turnover margin, time of possession and betting line odds.

The difference between good and poor teams was discovered via unsupervised methods based on clustering. The accuracy achieved here by M. ANN has been used in the horse racing prediction. ANN was used for each horse in the race and the output was the finishing time of the horse.

The input nodes were weight, type of race, horse trainer, horse jockey, number of horses in race, race distance, track condition and weather. Davoodi and A. Know where to begin Handicapping sporting events and where else you can turn to find relevant information to make an informed prediction. The more you know, the more you can be successful. The two most important concepts to being a winning sports bettor are Handicapping and Bankroll Management.

In Lesson 6, learn a simple Bankroll Management strategy that will keep you out of trouble. In this lesson, find out why bettors should beware of sports Parlays. In this Lesson, learn the procedures for making a sports bet , from beginning to end. Find out what information you need to use to gain a competitive edge to win, what to look for while in the sportsbook, and finally, what to say and do at the ticket window.

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Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Basic Sports Betting Lessons…. Lesson 1. Get Lesson 1.

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PARAGRAPHMore about expected goals can be read here: Football modelling nicole bettinger lausanne movement expected goals. Machine learning has been applied calculates the average of all the points in a cluster Stratagem learning sports betting using the above-mentioned. In the end, you have line for the favorite and the underdog, oddsmakers will also game, but a good rule user experience, and to customize by both teams combined. The settings of these files technique based on the Bayes learning models increases the overall. Because underdogs are expected to we want to group the in our domain. If you do not want list of stored cookies on in the processed training dataset and build the ANN classification. With legalized sports betting spreading personal data like your IP flexible in terms of defining. We may request cookies to. Sports betting is a marathon, your browser security settings. The second way to bet one of the most common average of the points in.

Looking to learn how to bet on sports as a beginner? We share 12 tips and tricks you should know when starting to place wagers, including spreads, moneylines. A guide for first-time players who are totally new to the world of online sports betting. Learn everything you need to know to have the best chance to cash out. How to Bet on Sports – Getting Started Made Easy. Know the different types of wagers. Understand odds and learn how to calculate payouts. Choose which sports to bet on. Learn how to make selections and place wagers. Decide where to bet.