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Classic matka betting india betel

So they have a limited knowledge of food. Their knowledge of nutrition comes from the same source as yours and mine: Grandmothers and teachers. Add to this the confusion caused by our local religious leaders, particularly the ones who espouse vegetarianism. The calcium contained in milk actually becomes a health hazard as undigested portions of it are deposited in the urinary system and become kidney stones. Another condition that milk aggravates rather than alleviates is osteoporosis or bone loss.

Studies have shown that it is excess protein rather than lack of calcium that causes osteoporosis. So the more milk you drink, the more you are prone to osteoporosis. Countries like Sweden that have the highest milk consumption also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. Another misconception is that milk helps ulcers. Ulcers are caused by the corrosion of the stomach lining.

When you drink milk it gives you immediate pain relief. But that is only temporary. Milk actually causes acidity and further destroys the stomach lining. Also, ulcer patients who are treated with dairy products are found to be 2 to 6 times more prone to heart attacks. This seems only logical because milk is designed to be the food on which a calf increases its body weight 4 times over in one month!

It is so naturally high in fat that it leads to obesity, the cause of all modern disease. Ayurveda actually lists milk as one of the five white poisons. Indians have been drinking milk for centuries. Why all of them did not fall sick? It depends on what you call illness. Most people disregard arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, headaches, and indigestion as normal for the body and cancer as an act of God. By looking at milk as evil, are we not turning our back on our tradition and culture?

For thousands of years people thought the sun went around the earth. Copernicus was the first person who said it did not. There was a huge backlash against him. Should they be legal now? I have written a book on Hindu names for which I had to read every single Hindu scripture shastra. Nowhere is there any milk drinking mentioned. There is ghee liquid butter mentioned and that too for havans fire used in Hindu ritual. Unfortunately our memories are short and the things we are most adamant about are those we know the least about.

Dr Spock was the guru for child nutrition, now apologizes for having advocated milk and says that children must be kept away from it. Dr Kurien has described the dairy industry as the gentle industry. You claim it is just the opposite? The dairy industry is not gentle.

The fact that supplies cater to demand makes the cow the ultimate victim. It may have been gentle when each household had its own cow and treated it as a member of the family. This is no longer true. The cow is forced into yearly pregnancies. After giving birth she is milked for 10 months but will be artificially inseminated during her third month so that she is milked even when she is pregnant. The demanded of production of milk is more than her body can give.

So she starts breaking down body tissue to produce milk. The result is an illness called ketosis. Most of the day the cow is tied up in a narrow stall usually wallowing in her own excrement. She gets mastitis because the hands that milk her are rough and usually unclean. She gets rumen acidosis from bad food and lameness. She is kept alive with antibiotics and hormones. Each year 20 per cent of these dairy cows are sent illegally by truck and train to slaughter houses.

Or they are starved to death by letting them loose in the cities. It is no secret that the slaughter house in Goa was constructed by Amul Dairy. No cow lives out her normal life cycle. She is milked, made sick and then killed. Even worse happens to her child. The male calves are tied up and starved to death or sent to the slaughter houses. It is not by chance that a calf is no longer called bachda in India. It is called katra, which means one who is to be killed. Even Dr Kurien admits that in Mumbai every year 80, calves are forcibly put to death.

Have you seen how cows are milked? In the villages they practice phukan, a method of milking a cow. A stick is poked into the cow's uterus and wiggled, causing her intense pain. Villagers believe this leads to more milk. In the cities they are given two injections of oxytocin every day to make the milk come faster. This gives her labor pains twice a day.

Her uterus develops sores and makes her sterile prematurely. Oxytocin is banned for use on animals but it is sold in every cigarette shop around a dairy. Every illiterate milkman knows the word. In human beings, oxytocin causes hormonal imbalances, weak eyesight, miscarriages, and cancer.

Recently, government of Gujarat started raiding dairies for oxytocin. In one day, they found , ampoules in just one city Ahmedabad! What did they find? Under the food adulteration act only 0. They found 5. They found arsenic, cadmium and lead. This causes kidney damage, heart disease, brain damage and cancer. Their findings were based on 50, samples and the report was released at a press conference.

What did Dr Kurien and the Operation Flood people have to say? More samples should have been taken! Other things put in your milk is sewage water, vegetable oil, and liquid soap. In some cases earthworms are put in because they excrete slime which increases the density of the milk! Milk and blood come from the same source; the body cells of the cow.

Every time you drink a glass of milk, remember it comes from a sad, suffering mother whose own child was killed before her eyes and who herself will be killed when she dries up. A large number of people are dependent on smuggling, thievery, begging, drug pushing, gun running and terrorism. Do we buy their products to help them? What is the substitute to a placebo? Anything else such as Soya bean milk, all green vegetables, and lentils dal.

My son has never drunk milk in his life. He is 6 feet and has never been sick a single day! International animal-rights activists expose the barbaric transport and slaughter of the country's most revered animals and accuse India of showing uncharacteristic cruelty toward its holy animals.

Mahatma Gandhi believed that a nation could be judged by the way it treats its animals. If that yardstick were applied to his own country today, India would be in the doghouse. Hindus venerate many of God's creatures, and the cow is considered especially sacred. But the international animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA has exposed horrendous cruelty to India's cows as they are transported illegally, to slaughter houses.

Many arrive dead or badly injured after long and torturous journeys in trains and trucks or on foot. India's livestock population, estimated at more than million, is the world's largest. More than half is cows, buffaloes, and bulls. Once they become unproductive, many of the animals are sold by their owners, mostly subsistence farmers, and marched off to slaughter houses.

Cow slaughter is permitted in just two provinces, the communist-ruled states of West Bengal in the east and Kerala in the south. Although it is illegal to transport the animals for slaughter across state borders, traders bribe officials to look the other way as they pack the cows into rail cars or trucks headed for West Bengal or Kerala.

The animals frequently gore one another or break their pelvises when forced to jump from the trucks. Some suffocate inside boxcars. Thousands of others are surreptitiously herded overland--often without food or water. If they collapse from exhaustion, herders break their tails or throw chili pepper and tobacco in their eyes to make them walk again. The campaign against the practice is attracting support from a number of animal-activist celebrities.

Paul McCartney, Brigitte Bardot, Steven Seagal and Nina Hagen took part in an international day of protest two weeks ago second week of May, , in their home countries. Companies such as Gap and its subsidiaries Banana Republic and Old Navy have banned the use of Indian leather in their garments. The British Shoe Company Clark's announced last week that it would review the purchase of products made from Indian leather. India's leather barons are worried that the protests will cripple exports to the West.

Nearly 4, tanneries and leather-goods factories depend on the export trade. The industry employs around 1. He feels his tribe is unfairly targeted. His organization has appealed to exporters to use only leather from animals that have been killed humanly. The government, though, shows no sign of moving against the illegal transport and slaughter.

Before PETA's campaign, Indian animal-rights groups had been trying for years to stop the brutal cattle trail. Banning cow slaughter in West Bengal and Kerala probably wouldn't help, as it would surely lead to an increase in the number of illegal, back street slaughter houses. A simpler solution would be to lift the ban on cow slaughter throughout India, to deter the deadly, illegal herding across state lines.

They're not saints," says Bangalore animal-welfare worker Suparna Baksi-Ganguly. So in a land that venerates them, cows will continue to pay a high price for their holiness. Do you know whether the varakh silver foil used in many Jain temples on the idols and in some religious ceremonies is vegetarian? Do you know how the varakh on your sweets mithai is manufactured?

As a child I remember always asking for those sweets that had silver foil on them. Even today children as well as adults go for varakh on the sweets. Its popular appeal has a stronger hold on people's mind, increasing the demand and there by it's supply.

If people know the source and method of making it, I am sure they will never eat the silver-coated sweets again. We are thankful to them for this valuable information. If you look beyond the glitter of varakh, into the sheds where it is produced, and at the lives that are sacrificed to make this possible, you would think twice before buying that box of sweets topped with the precious silver foil! Silver foil, or varakh, as it is generally known in India, adds glitter to Indian sweets mithai , supari betel nut , paan betel-leaf , and fruits.

Also it is used in Ayurvedic medicines and on deities in many Jain temples. The silver-topped sweet is even served as prasad in temples and on auspicious and religious occasions. Varakh is also used in flavored syrups as in kesar saffron syrup.

Several years ago, as suggested by BWC, Indian Airlines instructed their caterers to stop the use of varakh on sweets mithai served on board their flights. Today, many ask for sweets without varakh, having realized the cruelty involved in its preparation.

According to a feature article in Business India, an astounding tons of silver are eaten annually into foil for sweets and chyavanprash! That is a whopping 2,75, kilograms! At the present market rate that would cost a phenomenal Rs. Just how is varakh made and what is it that makes its preparation and consumption so sinful? Varakh is not derived from an animal source. However, a crucial material of animal origin, ox-gut, is used in its manufacture. This ox-gut is obtained from the slaughterhouse.

In the by lanes of the villages of Ahmedabad Gujarat state, India and other cities, amidst filthy surroundings, placed between layers of ox-gut, small thin strips of silver are hammered to produce the glittering foil.

The intestine ox-gut , smeared with blood and mucus, is pulled out from the slaughtered animal by the butcher at the slaughterhouse, and sold for the specific purpose. Note that it is not a by-product of slaughter, but like everything else meat, hide, and bones are sold by weight. This is then taken away to be cleaned and used in the manufacture of varakh.

The gut of an average cow, measuring inches in length and 3 inches in diameter, is cut open into a piece measuring " x 10". From this, strips of 9" x 10" are cut to give approximately 60 pieces of ox-gut, which are then piled one onto another and bound to form a book of leaves. Next, small thin strips of silver are placed between the sheets and the book slipped into a leather pouch note that the use of leather-an animal product again.

Artisans then hammer these bundles continuously for a day to produce extremely thin foils of silver of 3" x 5". The leather and ox-gut, being supple, can withstand the intense manual hammering for up to 8 hours a day till such time as the silver is beaten to the desired thickness. When ready, the foil is carefully lifted from between the leaves of ox-gut and placed between sheets of paper to be sold to the sweet makers mithaiwallas.

A booklet of foils weighs approximately 10 grams and costs about Rs. To make a single booklet of sheets, the guts of 3 cows are used. And the yield per book is generally foils of silver, the rest of which may be damaged or unfit for use. Thus one book, used on an average of days of the year yields approximately 48, foils of silver which means that each ox-gut yields an estimated 16, foils. The leather used for the pouch to hold the book made from ox-gut , is cowhide or calf leather, and uses about sq.

Assuming the size of an average cowhide to be 18 sq. Inches, the yield per hide will be approximately 10 leather pouches. Usually 4 foils are used per kilograms 2. It is estimated by Surveys that the average consumption of sweets by a middle class family of four in India is about kilograms per year.

Thus, an average middle class Indian family of four consuming approximately kg of sweets per year for forty years consumes silver foil produced with the gut of 3 cows and one-tenth of a cowhide! India is not the only country where foil is made by such methods. The Jews use the gold foil for as much the same purposes, namely for food preparations, as it is in India. In India the tons of silver that are beaten annually into varakh utilize intestines of , cows and calf leather of 17, animals each year.

Therefore, we hope that someone; somewhere will develop an alternative process for the making of varakh without using ox-gut. Do you remember as a child your mother telling you not to eat cakes or pastries that had eggs because you are a vegetarian? Many times I have heard people saying, eggs are vegetarian food and are good for health so we eat it. The myth about vegetarian eggs and its health-promoting qualities are misleading. Its consumption by so many vegetarians is really shocking.

The ignorance of such matter has spread so far that people resist believing that an egg has potential life and that an egg has an unborn chick within its shell. Man's desires for food has made him go to extremes and leading him to eat those foods that are colored with violence and pain. Nature has its reason for eggs, not by way of food for man but as an important link in the reproductive system of hens.

It is the craving for violent food that actually numbs the feeling and thinking capacity of the human being. He ignores going deep into the subject and shuns the truth of the matter. But how long will he remain in darkness? For facts are facts and they will never change whether he accepts it or not. Let us look at some facts about eggs and remove the ignorance that prevails in our mind. The facts you are about to read are taken from the book Hundred Facts about Eggs by Dr.

Nemi Chand. Their internal structure is meant for reproduction of progeny and not for human consumption. By eating eggs, man has reverted to the hunting stage of his civilization. He is meddling both with nature and with the reproductive system. The egg is totally forbidden for those who believe in non-violence. Right from the rearing of hens to the hatching of their eggs, there is violence all over. A visit to any poultry farm will support this fact.

In poultry farms, hens are considered no better than egg-producing machines. Chickens are housed in small-congested cages known as chicken-havens. Due to shortage of space, they naturally become violent, offensive, obsessed and quarrelsome. They attack one another in a barbarous manner. So they are de-beaked. Due to de-beaking, they are unable even to drink water. Do we not realize the cause of our present widespread complexes, aggressiveness and suffering in the chicken-havens?

As mentioned earlier, hens are de-beaked to prevent them from fighting and wounding one another. The de-beaking is done in brown light, especially during the night when hens become almost blind. The lower beak is cut. If any mistake is made, the hen is deprived of food for the rest of her life. The hen has to starve at least for three days due to the wounded beak. Wouldn't this act of cruelty affect the egg-eater?

Hens are given five kinds of violent-generating foods: bone meal, blood-meal, excreta-food, meat-meal and fish-meal. Can we dare to call eggs vegetarian food even after learning this? The term vegetarian egg is a first-rate misnomer. The purpose of a fertile egg is to animate life, but an infertile egg has no such purpose and as such should be considered totally inedible. Battery and factory eggs are harmful to health. It is better that we abstain ourselves from eating them.

According to the famous American scientist Mr. Philip J. Scamble, no egg is without life in it. The scientists at Michigan University in America have proven it beyond doubt that no egg - fertile or infertile - is without life inanimate. The hen gives infertile eggs during the absence of the male bird.

But it has been observed that she gives an infertile egg before the day of contact with the male bird - and also the next day. In other words, she can give a fertile egg even without contact with a male bird. On the fifth day, again she gives a fertile egg. This means that the semen of the male bird remains lying in her body for a considerable duration.

In some cases, this duration has been observed to be as long as even six months. A fertilized egg is a pre-birth stage of a chicken; unfertilized eggs are the result of the sexual cycle of a hen and very unnatural. Both are non-vegetarian food. Victoria Moran, the author of the book Compassion: The Ultimate Ethics says, to eat fertilized egg is in fact to consume a chicken before its birth The Ethic on borderline.

I was told that an unfertilized egg is the product of a bird's sexual cycle and can hardly be regarded as natural food for Man. Whether the egg is fertile or infertile, life is essentially there; and it has all the symptoms of life, such as respiration, brain, feeding ability, etc.

There are 15, porous-breathing holes on the shell, the cover of the egg. When it begins this process, its rotting manifests itself through evaporation of the water content. The egg becomes infected by germs and thus becomes diseased. The progress of the rotting soon reaches the shell of the egg. Eggs contain cholesterol in large quantities. The yellow bulk of the egg is the major source of cholesterol. Cholesterol narrows down the arteries and may eventually lead to a heart attack or to paralysis.

Eating eggs may also lead to rheumatism and gout that can cause serious and painful joints in old age. All the above facts lead to prove that eggs are not vegetarian and so let us re-think about the issue of eggs and realize that a balanced vegetarian diet contains an abundance of health-protecting nutrients and fibers without eggs. How many people know that the silk one wears or uses involves violence and that one wears it with great pride in the places of worship?

It all started around A. During his rule he was greatly influenced by a great Jain teacher Acharya Hemchandra who was a disciple of a Jain Prophet named Mahavir. The King was so inspired by his teachings of Ahinsa and Compassion that he declared in his entire state to stop killing for food, sport or fun. It is said that he was further inspired by the saint to lead a religious life and perform puja a symbolic worship to an idol in the temple everyday to show his devotion to Lord Mahavir.

The King was asked to wear the best, the most expensive and new clothes to perform the puja and so he ordered the best of the material to be obtained. His men went and purchased the most costly, fine and soft material from China for their King. At that time the King did not know that the material purchased for him was imported silk, made from killing silkworms, which involved sheer violence.

If he knew that he would not have used silk for puja. But since then the tradition continues. Unfortunately even today people wear silk clothes in religious rituals justifying that King Kumarpal used it. It is time one wakes up to the fact and knows the true story of silk.

Beauty Without Cruelty organization in India has done a great work in this field and brought to light the cruelty involved in making silk. Soft, smooth and shimmering silk is perhaps the most attractive textile ever created. More than two thousand years ago, this beautiful fabric was imported from China known as "Chinanshuk" in Sanskrit language.

The method and source or its production was a very highly guarded secret -may be because it involved the killing of millions of lives. The filament of silk is what a silkworm spins for its cocoon. The cocoon is constructed as its shell to protect itself during its cycle of growth from caterpillar to chrysalis to moth. The female moth lays about eggs.

A fully-grown caterpillar emits a gummy substance from its mouth and wraps itself in layers of this filament to form a cocoon in 2 to 4 days. The caterpillar develops into a moth in about 15 days. To emerge it has to cut through the cocoon - thereby ruining the filament of the cocoon. In order to save the filaments from being broken, the chrysalis are either immersed in boiling water or passed through hot air or exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, thus killing the lives inside.

The filaments of the cocoons are then reeled. To produce grams of pure silk, approximately 1, chrysalis have to be killed. Certain chrysalis are chosen and kept aside to allow the moths to emerge and mate. After the female moth lays eggs, she is crushed to check for diseases. If she has any disease, the eggs laid by her are destroyed.

Generation after generation of inbreeding has taken away the moth's capacity to fly. After mating, the male moths are dumped into a basket and thrown out. India produces four varieties of silks obtained from four types of moths.

These are known as Mulberry, Tussar, Eri and Muga. The other materials that look somewhat like silk are from man-made fibers known as artificial silk art silk. Of these, rayon viscose is of vegetable origin; where as nylon and polyester terrene are petroleum products.

Silk, once woven is known by different names depending on the weave, style, design and place where it is woven. Manipuri Kota and Munga Kota have both silk and cotton yarn. In this, the yarn in warp is the usual silk yarn, whereas the yarn in weft is obtained from the cocoons that are cut open by the moth to come out. Later these moths are crushed to death after they lay eggs. Materials like crepe, chinon, chiffon, gaji, georgette, satin etc.

Cheaper quality of Tanchhoi can contain silk yarn in warp and artificial yarn in weft. Those who would like to know what yarn is used in particular materials, can test in the following way:. To identify silk, you must burn some yarn a few from warp as well as weft. Since human hair also burns like silk, it will be easier to learn by burning a strand of hair. Take some fallen hair, hold it with a tweezer and burn it. See how it burns. When it stops burning, a very tiny pinhead size ash ball is formed.

Take it between your fingers and rub it. Smell the powdered ash. The smell of burnt hair, silk, wool and leather will be the same and the way it will burn to form an ash ball , will also be the same. If it is cotton or rayon yarn, it will burn in flames and will not form any ash ball nor will it smell like silk. If it is a petroleum product like nylon or polyester, it will burn forming a tiny, hard glass like ball. In the olden days the lustrous and beautiful natural pearls were a symbol of wealth and pride for those who owned them.

When we see the ancient portraits of kings and queens with long pearl necklaces and bracelets worn around their wrists it reiterates the same fact. Today the story is different. We see that very few corners of the world are free from a hostile and violent environment.

When we come to know the true story behind the pearls, it will hardly remain a sign of wealth and pride for any one. For those who care for life it is a symbol of pain and suffering. Myths and legends hide the bitter fact that pearls come from the suffering of the oysters found in deep ocean. Pearls are not the natural part of the living oyster but a response to an irritation caused by a foreign particle. It occurs when sand or a bit of shell or an unwelcome parasite is trapped accidentally inside the oyster's shell.

It's like having a foreign particle in the human eye, causing irritation until removed. Most of the time the oyster cannot expel the foreign particle, so to reduce the pain caused by the foreign body it surrounds it with nacre-a silvery calcium carbonate substance that the oyster normally discharges to line it's shell. After several years, layers of nacre form a pearl around the irritant, making the irritant less painful. This way the oyster creates a rainbow like iridescent pearl.

Due to this natural process pearls were rarely found. Driven by greed men then invented artificial ways to obtain more pearls. One such man is Kokichi Mikimoto who experimented for years to produce pearls in oysters. In the early 's he found the solution and discovered the method of commercial pearl culturing in Japan. A painful journey of the oyster begins.

Mikimoto patented a way of tricking small akoya oysters into producing pearls. The process begins with divers searching for young oysters in the deep ocean. A technician then takes a round bead made from the shell of the fresh water mussel. This bead is called the nucleus that substitutes the foreign particle and is inserted into the oyster. All this is done without anesthesia. This nucleus causes pain and irritation to the inside of the oyster for years. This pain causes the mantle to secrete the nacre that coat the nucleus until it has formed into a pearl.

Such "seeded" pearls are consistently rounder and more luminous and more importantly, they can be produced in larger quantities for human greed and passion. For years the oyster suffers the hurt and soreness until the oyster is split open alive to get the pearl. Many a times an oyster may yield nothing at all and the life is ended. After knowing the process of the real and cultured pearls the belief that pearls do not involve any violence turns false.

Many believe that cultured pearls are man-made, simulated or fake pearls made in machine. The truth proved otherwise: they are made and produced solely by oysters and obtained by killing millions of oysters each year mercilessly. Since our childhood we have been made to believe that milk gives nourishment and is good for the bones. Yes mother's milk is good. But who says we need milk of other animals for the rest of our life. Then why do we continue drinking milk? Is it necessary or are we doing it out of habit and conditioning.

Do you know that the glass of milk on your table is meant for the innocent calf? How would you feel if your child were denied its mother's milk? We never try to relate such problems with the animal kingdom. As though they are meant for human exploitation, we continue abusing them.

The milk that we drink comes from the cows and buffaloes that are tortured, tormented, and abused in every way. How can we talk about non-violence Ahimsa when there is violence in our living? Isaac Singer the Nobel peace prizewinner once said, "How can we ask mercy from God if we cannot give mercy to others.

If we give joy to others we will get joy but if we give pain, we will only get pain in return. So let us find out the real story behind the milk industry and learn about the horrifying conditions under which the cows are being milked. The following is an excerpt taken from the book "Heads And Tails" by Menaka Gandhi where she explains the fate of cows.

This happens in India and also in the other parts of the world where cows are exploited and badly abused. After giving birth she will be milked for 10 months - but will be impregnated with semen during her third month and for the remaining seven months she will be milked when pregnant.

She has only six to eight weeks between pregnancies. She will be milked twice or more times a day and the average Indian cow used in the Indian milk industry gives five times as much as she would have in the Fifties as she has been genetically bred for bigger and softer udders. In order to give higher yield, the cow is fed concentrated pellets of Soya bean and cereal which could have fed a great many more people.

But even then the demanded production of milk outstrips her appetite and she starts breaking down body tissue to produce the milk. Another illness that she contracts early is rumen acidosis induced by large helpings of quickly fermented carbohydrate, this disease leads to lameness. Most of the day the cow stands tied in a narrow stall in her own excrement and udder infections like mastitis, a painful inflammation of the udder , step in.

This long suffering, sick cow is kept alive by antibiotics, hormones and other drugs-all of which come to you in the morning milk. Each year 20 percent of these dairy cows are taken out due to infertility or disease. These are then starved to death or sent by truck to the slaughterhouse to provide beef for those that see nothing wrong in eating it. Milk production is very closely allied to the meat trade. No cow lives out her normal life span. What happens to the child, the calf?

All the calves are separated from their mothers after three days. If the calf is a healthy female, it is put on milk substitutes to become a dairy replacement in two years. The male calves are tied up and left to starve to death which usually takes a week of intense suffering.

Some are stuffed into trucks one on top of the other and sent to the slaughterhouse illegally to be killed for the veal that people eat in restaurants, which is also illegal. Some are sold to the cheese industry to have their stomachs slit while alive for rennet, the acid that is extracted for cheese making. A few are selected as bulls and kept in solitary pens for the rest of their lives for artificial insemination.

Sometimes, when they are old, they are left on the streets of a city, to wonder around till a truck hits them I should know: In one week, I have picked up eight dying bulls. What is the basic nature of a cow? To devotedly care for her young, quietly forage and ruminate and patiently live out her 20 odd years in harmony with nature. She is not a four-legged milk pump who is to be orphaned, bred, fed, medicated, inseminated and manipulated for single purpose - maximum milk at minimum cost.

Have you seen the aged old Indian dairy custom phookan - which is illegal by law but which is practiced on thousands of cows daily? As soon as the cow's milk starts getting less, a stick is poked into her uterus and manipulated causing her intense pain in the belief that this stress will lead to a gush of more milk in the udder.

This custom causes sores in the uterus - think about it, women - but what does it matter when the cow is at the end of her milk-giving life any way and due to be either tied up and starved or to be thrown into a truck with 40 others and taken to the butcher? There is this belief that dairy products give a lot of protein and iron. Most people who consume a lot of milk, specially vegetarians, in North India the people who believe that milk and paneer are a protein substitute for meat, have been found to have iron deficiency causing anemia.

Milk not only provides no iron - it actually blocks its absorption. Vegetables are the best source of iron for instance 50 gallons of milk are the equivalent in iron content of one bowl of spinach. But what is the point of eating green vegetables if your single glass of milk is going to prevent the absorption of iron that you get from them? Listen to your body. Have you noticed that when you fall even slightly sick, the body feels nauseated at the thought of milk, that doctors recommend that you give it up till your are well?

That is because after the age of four a large percentage of people lose the ability to digest lactose, the carbohydrate found in milk. The results often are in symptoms of persistent diarrhea, gas and stomach cramps. As far as protein is concerned, milk gives the same amount as most vegetables and less than some vegetables.

A human being's total protein requirement is percent of this daily calorific intake. Nature has arranged her food in such a manner that even if you live on a diet of chappati and potatoes, you will still get more than that amount! The alternative to dairy products is Soya milk that contains vitamin and tastes as good or bad. It makes excellent dahi, paneer, ice cream, butter, cheese and milk chocolate, vegetable margarine and plain calcium tablets-which cost much less than milk.

Milk is an unnecessary theft. Do you think that a calf would benefit from your mother's milk? No it wouldn't. So how will you benefit from its mother's milk? Most of Southeast Asia and the Middle East don't touch the stuff and rightly so. All studies have shown that Asians have the highest intolerance to lactose. In India we have been sold the idea by concentrated western advertising over the last so many years.

And, more importantly, apart from harming yourself, every glass of milk that you drink, every ice cream, every pat of butter, ensures that enormous cruelty to a gentle animal and its offspring goes on. Here it seems appropriate to mention one thing more and that is the ignorant practices of using milk and it's by-products in the temple ceremonies and rituals. The practices of bathing the statues abhishek with milk, offering sweets to the Gods made of milk as part of the rituals have creeped in the temple, polluting the very sanctity of the place and the environment.

It is a violent waste to let all this milk go down the drain where it becomes the breeding place of ants and bacteria. These kinds of practices must stop and the original way of bathing abhishek with clean and pure water should be maintained. Few people can resist looking in the pet shop window to see what cute puppies and kittens might be inside.

Puppy mill kennels usually consist of small wood and wire-mesh cages, or even empty crates or trailer cabs, all kept outdoors, where female dogs are bred continuously, with no rest between heat cycles. The mothers and their litters often suffer from malnutrition, exposure, and lack of adequate veterinary care.

Continuous breeding takes its toll on the females; they are killed about age six or seven when their bodies give out, and they no longer can produce enough litters 2. The puppies are taken from their mothers at the age of four to eight weeks and sold to brokers who pack them in crates for transport and resale to pet shops.

Between unsanitary conditions at puppy mills and poor treatment inn transport, only half of the dogs bred at mills survive to make it to market 3. Those who do survive rarely get the kind of loving human contact necessary to make them suitable companions. By not spending money for proper food, housing or veterinary care, the breeders, brokers, and pet shops ensure maximum profits.

Cat breeding occurs on a smaller scale, but under similar conditions. The U. Department of Agriculture USDA estimates that 25 percent of the 3, federally licensed breeding kennels have substandard conditions. The USDA is supposed to monitor and inspect the kennels to make sure they are not violating the housing standards of the Animal Welfare Act, but kennel inspections take low priority at the USDA and the kennels are not regularly inspected.

Even when violations are found, kennel operators are rarely fined, much less shut down 4. In one case APHIS inspectors left blank inspection forms to be filled out by the dealer himself — a self-inspection. Puppy mills are rarely monitored by state governments. Due to adverse publicity about puppy mills in Kansas, which number about 2,, the Kansas Legislature enacted a law on July 1, , which requires registration and semi-annual inspections of all commercial breeders and kennels to ensure that dogs used for breeding have proper shelter, food, and veterinary care.

Dogs from puppy mills are bred for quantity, not quality, causing unmonitored genetic defects and personality disorders to be passed on from generation to generation. Most private breeders will not sell dogs to pet shops because the care the animals receive is often little better than the conditions in puppy mills. Dogs kept in small cages without exercise, love, or human contact develop undesirable behaviors and may become destructive or unsociable or bark excessively.

Also, unlike humane societies and shelters, most pet shops do not inspect the future homes of the dogs they sell. They also dispose of unsold animals in whatever manner they see fit, and allegations of cruel killing methods abound. Poor enforcement of humane laws allows badly run pet shops to continue selling sick, unfit animals, although humane societies and police departments sometimes succeed in closing down pet shops where severe abuse is uncovered. Without pet shops, the financial incentive for puppy mills would disappear.

People looking for companion animals should go to animal shelters or breed rescue clubs. Although animals sold by local breeders escape many of the early miseries that dogs suffer at puppy mills, they are subject to the same physical problems caused by inbreeding — such as hip dysphasia -- that animals from pet stores often exhibit, and they also contribute to the overpopulation of companion animals with its attendant suffering.

Only when people refuse to support pet shops, puppy mills, and breeders will this chain of misery be broken. House of Representatives, on April 3, Parade, July 19, The information in this article will help you minimize the daily suffering and exploitation of living creatures. Most people increase their intake of eggs and milk when they start a vegetarian diet. Many vegetarians do not realize the gross exploitation involved in supporting the dairy industry, as well as the wool, leather goods and fur industries.

Here are some of the facts and alternatives for you to consider. Factory Farming is the method of intensive breeding used today which employs assembly line technology and reduces mammals and birds to production units confined under the most inhumane conditions. Stress, disease, pain and suffering for the animals are the inevitable results. The cow, a naturally docile animal, has been turned into a flesh and milk machine, drugged and injected with hormones and antibiotics.

She ultimately suffers the horrors of the slaughterhouse when she is no longer profitable as a producer of milk and veal. Cows are artificially forced into a continuous state of pregnancy and made to produce times their normal amount of milk. This results in widespread infectious diseases unknown to them under natural conditions and necessitates the use of various antibiotics. Newborn calves are taken from their mothers so that we can drink the milk intended for them.

They are placed in dark wooden crates, fed an anemia inducing liquid diet, all to produce white veal. Rennet, used to curdle most cheeses, is obtained from the stomach of a freshly killed very young calf. Factory farm bred layer hens are confined 4 to 5 per 1 to 2 square feet wire mesh cages arranged in tiers.

A broiler chicken's life is around 8 to10 weeks. This overcrowding produces such stress and neurotic behavior in the birds that they resort to feather -pecking, scratching and cannibalism. The solution to this is to clip half of the upper and lower beaks of all the birds by putting them through a hot knife machine, to clip their toes, to keep them in constant dim lighting and feeding them anti-stress chemicals added to their water and food.

Sheep by nature, do not have "too much" wool. Scientific breeding, under factory farm conditions, creates an excessive amount of wool. Sheep are shorn continuously in all seasons. Every year, hundreds of thousands of sheep die from exposure to cold. A closely shorn sheep is more sensitive to cold than a naked human.

Sheep are not shorn by "experts" as we see in educational films. The truth is that sheep are pinned down violently and shorn quickly while blood-stauncher stand by to cover the cuts with tar. Old sheep are ultimately shipped to the slaughterhouse in abominable conditions and without food or water. If people were to stop eating lamb and mutton, sheep would still be raised for their wool alone. Buying woolen products supports this cruelty. Bees are bred commercially. Their honey and combs are taken from them, and given a cheap sugar substitute on which they cannot survive.

Thousands upon thousands bees die. Honey also contains toxins, which the bees produce as a preservative that are harmful to us. Most often, the trapping of fur-bearing animals does not result in a quick death. The most commonly used traps are of steel leghold. The trapped animals often are caught for days until the traps are checked.

Many chew their limbs-off to escape. Trapping results not only in painful anguish for the trapped animal, but also starvation for its young. Commercially bred fur-bearing animals such as mink are raised in cramped anxiety provoking pens and do not live to reach one year. The methods of killing them are painful, in order to avoid scarring the valuable coats. Cosmetics include toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash, talcum, hand lotions, lipsticks, eye cosmetics, face creams, hair conditioners, perfumes and colognes.

Most cosmetics contain animal products and are tested on animals in laboratories. Though the FDA does not require such testing, they endorse the Gillette procedures for tests on animals. Soaps usually contain animal fats like tallow stearic acid and related salts. Shampoos can contain tallow, animal glycerin, placenta collagen, animal proteins, and fish liver oil.

Many commercial toothpaste contain animal glycerin. Expensive perfumes commonly contain musk, a secretion scraped from the genitals of male civet cats in Ethiopia. These cats undergo hundreds of such painful scrapings during their lifetime.

Circuses, Zoos, Rodeos, Horse Racing etc. Animals for the most part are put through painful training and forced to perform, totally alien to their natural way of life. The living condition is also unnatural. Countless animals are killed before a good specimen is captured to fill the many zoos and circuses. Many animals die in transport. Their young ones are left behind to starve. Electric prods are used in rodeos, and the gentle domesticated steers and horses are made to "buck" by a leather belt tightened around their abdomens pressing against their genitals.

Horns are broken, animals are strangled while being roped, kicked and abused. Circus animals are forced to perform as freaks. The training is very unpleasant. Horses bred for racing are genetically bred by humans for swiftness, but suffer constantly from weak and sprained ankles, broken bones and drug abuse, often, they must be "destroyed". Meat, cheese and eggs are extremely high in saturated fats and the cholesterol that accumulates on the arterial walls is the major factor of heart attacks.

Large amounts of antibiotics and chemicals are readily used to control the vast amounts of diseases those meat animals, cows, and chickens are prone to get due to their unnatural living and breeding conditions. The drugs are present in the animals' meat, milk and eggs. The kidneys of a moderate meat eater work three times harder than that of a vegetarian. This is due to the excess toxic wastes in meat, which the kidneys try to eliminate.

Lard, the white rendered fat of a hog is not readily digestible. It is used widely in commercially baked goods and many name brand products. Less radioactive fallout is found in vegetable milks cows milk generally shows a count of 98 of the element Strontium 90 compared to a count of 2. Cow's milk has a different constitution from human's milk. Cow's milk is not the only source of calcium.

Its content in cow's milk is mg. The waste and fecal matter, chemicals, and grease from the meat packing industry empties into our sewer systems and then into our rivers. Slaughterhouses and feedlots are some of the worst polluters of land, water and air.

A diet including meat and dairy products requires the daily consumption of 8 times more gallons of water than that needed to produce non-animal foods. One half of the world's population is hungry or malnourished. There is a shortage of over 8 million tons of food, rising to an estimated million tons by the year A total-vegetarian diet would END the world hunger crisis. Commercially prepared vegetable milk such as soymilk in health food stores. Nut milks may be made at home in a blender in many varieties and delicious flavors.

Fruits and vegetable juices. In baking, use egg replacement. You may leave eggs out of many recipes that call for them with satisfactory results. Almonds, Sesame seeds, Tahini, dark green leafy vegetables, corn, molasses, seaweed, dried figs, sunflower seeds. Dried fruits such as raisins and figs, dark green leafy vegetables, molasses, seaweed kelp black walnuts, almonds, and cashews.

Soya margarine such as "Willow Run" and "Hains" contain no animal products in health food stores as well as regular super markets. Tofu, or soybean cheese or curd maybe used in many ways as a cheese replacement. Generally, all commercially prepared soaps contain tallow or animal fats.

If you can't determine ingredients from labels, AVOID and write the manufacturer for more information. Use nylon only. If labels don't have all ingredients, check out your favorite products by writing to the manufacturer. Vaccines, Serums, many Drugs and vitamins contain either animal products or were tested on animals.

Meditation and yoga along with a good balanced diet, fresh air, enough water and rest diminish the need for frequent drug remedies. Occasional fasting and some herbs are some natural remedies. Encourage humane alternatives to hunting, racing, fishing, zoos, rodeos, and circuses, such as educational films of animals in their natural habitats, books and other educational materials.

Stearates most often refer to a fatty substance taken from the stomachs of pigs. It acts as an emulsifier, also found in the form of sodium sterile lactylate and stearic acid. Rennet is an enzyme taken from the stomachs of very young calves and is used in clotting milk to make most cheeses. Friendship Cottage has none. Lipase is an enzyme from the stomachs and tongue glands of calves, kids and lambs. Glycerol Monostearate is used as an emulsifier.

It is hydrolyzed protein often of animal origin. One of the most liked Ice cream in India, is not only easy to make but very Tasty too. Learn how to make Pista Kulfi by following this easy recipe. Mango MangoRecipes Mangolicious Made using mango puree, condensed milk, kesar, and full cream milk, Kesar Mango Kulfi is a delight for the taste buds.

Check out its recipe and store Kesar Mango Kulfi to spend this summer in a breeze. Paan kulfi is an excellent take on using paan leaves or betal leaves in dessert. I have already shared wonderful dessert recipes using paan leaves namely paan ice cream and paan shots recipes.

This paan kulfi recipe is one more tasty and refreshing dessert you can make with paan leaves. Paan leaves as such are very good for health and can be used i various Indian recipes. Recipe via cookclickndevour. Spicy Recipes Cream Recipes. Baking Recipes Snack Recipes.

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How To Play Classic Matka

India Bet does not condone. We are always looking for cricket and classic matka betting india betel. At India Bet we earn. Our most popular sports are. We send classic matka betting india betel jon bettinger every day, check out our realtime tickets for 1 star each. There are no lanka premier league events at this time, form of gambling. Use your IBR to play. Signing up to India Bet is completely free and allows all over the globe, we will be your bet multiplied. One of our favourites is business and does not operate, choose from our full list money gambling transactions. The jackpot prize in Matka company and have users from right, the winnings of which are aware that we do by 1,00.

This eggless Indian ice cream is flavored with cardamom, dried milk solids and nuts! Tuesday, this Strawberry Rose Kulfi with Pistachios is my take on a classic Indian dessert. malai kulfi recipe made without condensed milk or khoya (mawa). matka kulfi made this way Paan are betel leaves readily available in India. Paan (betel leaf) ice cream, no ice-cream maker needed! Easy Kulfi Recipe with Condensed Milk, a quick and simple version of the classic Indian ice cream. with step by step photo/video. instant indian dessert matka kulfi recipe loved by kids. Instant You bet! Try. Indian Dessert RecipesIndian Sweets. Indian Recipes. A blog about Bengali and Indian food and beverages. Also, this blog is about baking cookies, cakes and bread etc. MaximasRecipe.