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The game season 4 episodes on bet e/w betting horses

The game season 4 episodes on bet

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Tue, Jan 11, 30 mins.

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Ascoli vs spezia betting expert tips Meanwhile, Derwin is shocked to find out Melanie is living the V. Malik meets a potential investor and asks what she thought of the presentation. The hotel worker says "they come and they go. It was a little different though. Tasha sees her.
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Binary options strategy 2021 movies He asks what's going on devavrat shah bitcoins her and Rick and she says nothing. Continue reading your article with a WSJ membership. Jason lashes out against the Sabers after being released. Kelly expects Tasha to vote for her, however Tasha would rather have Kelly devote her full time to being her assistant. He tells her that he loves her. He tells him that he has an exclusive with Good Morning, America tomorrow.
The game season 4 episodes on bet Keira tells Tee-Tee to tell Malik to come and find her. Jason tells him about what they did to him when he was a rookie. Elsewhere, Jason's steroid use causes trouble in the bedroom, and in his relationship. Elsewhere, Tasha learns a life lesson from Dante. Blue and Keira run into each other in the grocery store.
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Also, the relationships i. Derwin and Melanie seemed way too forced and artificial. I think I will wait till it comes out on DVD errr something…. I think there was a lot to adjust to in this episode, mainly the fact that the characters aren't the same as before, after all, two years has passed and none of them are in the same place they were two years ago.

I think it's only natural that their characters and relationships would have changed. I think you should give it another chance next week. I was disappointed with the first episode. I think it was truly hyped and didn't live up to all the hype. Brit came back extremely too old. Melanie is still up to her old tricks and the fact that she doesn't even practice medicine is absurd. It's all the same characters pretty much accept Tasha's too young boyfriend. The fact they have Malik openly cheating with the owner's wife was another fail.

I just don't like new episodes at all. I think they should have started where they left off. The fast forward of their lives was not a good idea. Melanie is so insecure. Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself. The Faux Jumpsuit. To top 11 Jan. The Game , Touchdown Tuesday. Come on… Derwin is the San Diego Sabres franchise player Malik is sleeping with the team owner's wife played by Megan Good Melanie did not do her residency, but instead opted to just be a wife Part of me asks, "You went through all of that and you're not practicing?!

Tamara Marbury. Previous post. Next post. You might also like. August 5, July 29, July 22, Shana It was a little slow for me, but I'm gonna stick with it. Westbrook says this party isn't really his mix. Jason realizes that he has his eye on Keira. Westbrook tweets about being at the party with Keira Whitaker. Keira tweets back about him flirting on Twitter, but being too scared to step.

Jason tells him he better get to stepping. Derwin joins them at the party and Malik says they should toast to him and they take a shot. Melanie calls Derwin. He doesn't answer. Malik says Blue is no Derwin. Derwin tells Blue it must feel good to be the 1 pick. Blue corrects Derwin on the time that he runs. Derwin says he is up in his spot with his people after stealing his position and has the nerve to be disrespectful.

Blue says he didn't steal anything from him. He says he couldn't keep his position. Derwin throws a punch and they fight. Malik calls Tasha and says they have a real problem. Derwin's mouth is bleeding and people are holding him back. Malik and Jason tell him to calm down and ask what's wrong with him.

He tries to go back in at Blue. Malik asks what's wrong with him and Derwin says he doesn't want to leave and that they are his family. Derwin cries. Malik grabs him by the collar and says they have no control over this game. Jason reminds him that it doesn't matter where they play or what jersey they wear.

He says that they are football players. Keira goes with Blue back to his room while he changes. He takes his shirt off to reveal a cut body and Keira notices. She tells him she is worried about his eye. Keira says he's supposed to be The Blueprint and not fighting people in the club. She says he is in the pros now. She says being famous sucks sometimes, but it has its perks.

Keira says her fame is stuck in time and she's 14 forever in people's minds. He says she beautiful and accomplished who is definitely not She tells him that's corny. He kisses her. She says the kiss was corny too, but she kind of likes corny. They continue to makeout. The doorbell rings to his suite and he thinks it's his Dad. It's Tasha at the door. Tasha says according to Bossip she is having his baby. Tasha says she needs to talk to Blue and help him out. She goes in the bedroom and catches him laying on the bed naked.

She gives him her card and tells him the story that he and Derwin will tell the press about the story being blown out of proportion by drunk people. Keira asks what is he doing and says she is not that girl to sleep with him when they just met. He says he will get dressed. Malik and Tee-Tee are in a limo and Malik is drinking. He says he doesn't need to be in a AA meeting and that he's good. Tee-Tee tells him he is going to the meeting.

Tee-Tee tells him that he is a drunk and needs AA. Malik says he has to drink because he isn't in control of his destiny. Tee-Tee says he's been in his position, because he used to just be Malik's employee until he changed things. Malik understands what he's saying and tells the driver to take him to the meeting. Tasha shows up at Derwin's room and tells him that she handled the Blue situation. She also tells him to call his wife, because she is worried. He says that he should have stayed with her because Irv is probably somewhere hiding.

He says this is what he and Mel prayed for — to be together. He says he always thought if he left it would be on his terms. He says he thought he was invincible and nothing could touch him. He says he got touched. Tasha says she always liked him because they are alike — they might get down, but not out. He says he's going to miss her.

Ciara is in bed with Blue and she says draft night is complete and he says maybe they can reenact it. Ciara tells him that he's got to go. He gets dressed and heads out and runs into Keira. Ciara says she hopes they didn't wake her. Keira looks hurt. He apologizes and she says "no, no, You're fine. She asks how Keira's draft night was and she says uneventful.

Tasha is FaceTiming with Pookie. He says he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. When they hang up, she calls Rick Fox back and leaves him a message. She says she hasn't been answering or returning his calls because she doesn't want to talk to him. She says she still cares about him and that's what had her afraid.

She says she's happy with her new man and new life. Her doorbell rings and Rick is at the door. Keira is sitting in the lobby. She sees Derwin checking out. The hotel worker says "they come and they go. That's life. Special guest star : Pooch Hall as Derwin Davis. Guest appearances by: Ciara , Raymond Edwards, Jr. Pookie asks her what she's doing in NY since the draft ended. She says her business never ends. He asks if she's ok. She says she's good and about to go shopping.

He says he guesses he will see her in San Diego in a few days. He tells her that he loves her. Rick Fox is in bed with her. He says she's about that double life. Tasha tells Rick it's all his fault and that he made her cheat on her man. He says he's not sorry he came to her room. She says she's in a relationship with a killer. He says he's glad he has his baby back, but Tasha says she's not back.

He says he's had a lot of one night stands and random sex and this wasn't that. He says that he loves her and never stopped loving her. He says that they have a lot of issues, but they can work them out. She says no. She says she's with Pookie and that's where she belongs. He says he'll go, but asks if she's so in love with Pookie, why is she there with him right now. Malik is in the club with Keira. Blue and Jason walk in. She tells Malik how he hooked up with Ciara.

Malik reminisces how he hooked up with Destiny's Child his draft night. Blue is telling Jason how he hooked up with Ciara. Jason tells him he's young and to enjoy it. Jason interviews Blue. Management sends over champagne. Blue declines and says he's not a bottle-popping kind of guy and orders a drink. Malik's crowd leaves his area and goes to Jason and Blue's area. Malik heads over and leaves Keira alone.

Tasha gets home to find Pookie there a day early. He says she sounded weird when they last talked so he flew in early. He kisses her and she cuts him off and asks if he wants to go and get lunch. He says he's hungry, but not for lunch.

Tasha says it's strange to find a grown man sitting in her living room when she gets home. She tells him she needs consistency. She says two people cannot be in a relationship and not know what's going on with the other clear across the country. He says he is in this relationship and asks what does he have to do to prove to her that he isn't going anywhere. Tasha and Pookie go and get tattoos. Tasha tells Pookie he's a part of her now — forever. She asks what's wrong with him. He says it doesn't feel right.

He says he's got a lot of tats that represent women he felt like he was serious about at the time. He says he doesn't want to jinx it. Pookie says the ink won't make the relationship strong and that only consistency will do that.

He says he is going to move his security business to San Diego to be with her full-time if she will have him. She says hell yes. She tells him she loves him and he says he loves her too. She only gets "Pook" tattooed on her butt. Blue and Keira run into each other in the grocery store. She says he doesn't owe her an apology. She points out that they made a bunch of magazines. He reminds her that she kissed him.

She says of course he should sleep with her friend and that she was asking for it. She says that in the future they should skip pleasantries and just keep it moving. She goes back to her building and finds that he's moving in. Tasha and Pookie are back at her place and there are flowers on her table.

She thinks they are from Pookie. He says they aren't from him. She claims she forgot she joined the flowers of the month club. They are from Rick. She calls him and tells him to meet her in an hour. Tasha tells Rick she is in love with Pookie and shows him the tattoo. They start making out in her car.

Keira is at her car calling AAA. Blue comes out to his car and says he's just keeping it moving. AAA says it will be 2 hours. She says she has to make it to an audition. Blue goes over to her car to change her tire for her. He gives her his jacket to put on. He says that he didn't know Ciara was her homegirl. He says he gets why she would be pissed. He says that all girls aren't as interesting as her. He says it was just one night with Ciara.

She asks if Ciara knows that. He gets ready to leave. She asks if he wants to make a deal. She says if he can fix her tire so she can make her audition they can be cool — exchange pleasantries but still keep it moving. He asks what does he have to do to get a "how do you like your eggs in the morning? Tasha tells Rick this can't happen again and that she loves Pookie.

He says that he knows that his name is tattooed on her heart. Rick tells her it's her move and gets out of her car. Chardonnay is standing outside of her car and has witnessed what just happened. Tasha sees her. Malik is having a masquerade housewarming party and tells everyone to get their freak on. Jason, Chardonnay, and Brittany are having breakfast together.

Chardonnay says she wants them to get to know each other better. Brittany calls her Charlene and asks why she's lying about her name. Jason corrects her. Brittany tells them she's failing all of her classes. Jason is surprised at how much debt she has. Brittany says that must take forever to pay it back. Chardonnay says her secret is taking one class a quarter to defer her debt. Jason asks if she is content doing this until someone pays it back that someone being him.

Jason interviews Blue in the gym. Jason seems uninterested in Blue's response to his question. He then asks about the photos of him kissing Keira and wants to know what's up with them. He says she kissed him as a prank and it's nothing. Jason says he married his wife the first day he met her. Blue says he's a planner. Jason admits to not getting a post-nup. Jason and Chardonnay are in bed. Jason wakes Chardonnay up and asks why she didn't tell him about her loans.

She says it's not his responsibility. He asks what else is she hiding from him. He finds out that she has a brother and goes to church on Sundays. She says they don't need to talk about their religious beliefs until they have kids. He says that Jason Archibald Pitts Chardonnay hears his middle name for the first time is never having children, because he had a vasectomy. Tasha is planning to give Chardonnay some handbags and other stuff to get her to forget about seeing her kissing Rick Fox.

Tasha tells her kissing Rick didn't mean anything and then admits that's a lie. Chardonnay says she just wants to talk to her about Jason. She tells Tasha Jason is fixed and can't have more kids. She says she's always dreamed of having kids. Tasha tells her she dodged a bullet. Tasha says she can't see Jason getting a vasectomy. She says she remember him and Kelly trying to have more kids. Chardonnay says her secret parking lot sex is safe with her, but will be even safer if she can take some of Tasha's stuff.

Daymond John from Shark Tank arrives at Malik's. Malik says he sees him as a role model. He says he's only there because his agent recommended it. Malik tries to sell him on a bikini he invented that does away with unintentional woody display also known as the wedgie. The bikini malfunctions and Malik says that they are still working the kinks out.

Daymond asks the model if she is comfortable in it. She admits that she is not. Daymond says Malik wasted his time. Jason and Chardonnay are in bed and Chardonnay checks his scrotum and says there is no vasectomy scar. He says it was non-invasive. She questions him about it. He tells her the exact date he got it done, but she catches him in a lie about the date.

He admits that he didn't get a vasectomy. She says that she told him she wanted to have kids when he stopped her from getting the marriage annulled. He says he was onboard until he found out about the debt. She tells him he better get onboard or she's walking. Malik and Tee-Tee are in a bar.

Tee-Tee says he takes it the meeting with Daymond didn't go well. Malik says he doesn't know how he thought he could do this. He says he's a plus soon-to-be ex-baller. Tee-Tee says it's really not that different from playing football.

Chardonnay asks Jason what is it going to be. Jason says his entire life has been planned out. She says her life was planned out too and the things she thought would happen didn't happen. She says having kids is one goal she is not willing to bend on.

He says she shouldn't have to and as scary as the idea is, if the alternative is losing her, then he will reluctantly bless her with his seed. She says that is the sweetest thing he has ever said to her. She says she wants Brittany out of the house before they have kids because she doesn't want her anywhere near her kids. Jason says that's a good call. Blue is one of the players in the auction. Angela Simmons is there and talking with her friend about how she's going to bid on Blue.

Her friend says Keira is probably going to bid on him, but Angela says this is high stakes and says Keira was just a child actress. Pookie is there as security. Keira tells Angela she guesses some people's money is a little longer than others. Chardonnay tells Tasha she needs to think twice about her love triangle after seeing him put someone in the hospital. Tasha says it was a one time thing and she doesn't need to be telling her about her man.

She says he's the only one for her. The scene then goes to her making love to Rick and telling him he's the only one for her. Keira goes shopping for something for her date. Chardonnay and Tasha go shopping. Tasha says she needs to talk and confesses to still sleeping with Rick. Tasha says she feels safe and secure with Pookie and Rick makes her want to melt and makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Tasha calls herself a trash box. They see Keira and Tasha introduces them. Chardonnay tells Keira that Tasha has a friend who is in love with 2 men and wants some advice. Chardonnay says double love is not a bad thing. Tasha says the dress Keira tried on is a hot mess and Keira lies and says the sales lady made her try it on. Tasha pulls another dress for her. She says she did it for charity. She says that he will give that away for free.

He teases her about how much she ordered. He says if she keeps eating like that they will have to work out in the building gym together. He then tells her her price tag keeps popping out of her dress and goes to pull it out and she jumps back spilling wine all over it. Tasha shows up at Chardonnay's and says that she thinks she was right about being ok to be in love with two men.

Tasha then calls Rick to the door and asks Chardonnay which room can they do it in. Chardonnay asks her what is she doing. Chardonnay asks why does she have to do it there. Tasha says people will start figuring it out if they go to hotels since he was an ex-Laker. Chardonnay says she doesn't want to be involved. Tasha tells her she is involved.

Tasha takes a picture of Rick on her couch as evidence that Chardonnay is an accessory. Rick asks Chardonnay if she has any condoms. Keira and Blue are back at their building with their food to go. He says if the stain doesn't come out, he will pay for the dress.

He says she would have to be a crazy person to bid on him and not have the money. He asks if she is loving him that hard. She says Angela was saying she can't afford it. He says she can't. She says he doesn't know what it's like to have people judging her and saying she's washed up. She says trying to keep up her appearance might be to prove them wrong.

He says he gets what she's saying. He says he was the 1 draft pick and is on the cover of magazines with a question mark over his face and questioning if he'll live up to the hype. She asks how does he deal with it and he says he doesn't know because he just got here. He says maybe she can teach him. He offers to cover her and says he can write it off on his taxes.

She agrees, but says it's just a loan and she will pay him back with her next big role. He kisses her on the forehead and walks away. She calls him back and says she probably won't eat all of the food by herself. Guest star: Angela Simmons. Jazz hosts the Sunbeam meeting at Tasha's house to welcome the new "Sunrays.

Keira says since she isn't really with Blue, but kind of a celebrity she has charity organization hook-ups. Jazz tells them to shut up and turns on music as strippers begin to put on a show. Tasha tells them to put their clothes back on. Tasha says that she finds it highly disrespectful to do this in her home. She puts the strippers out and tells Jazz to get back to the meeting. Jazz says they must step up the sky box meaning no jerseys, sweats, or hats.

Chardonnay steps out to call Jason and tells him they are cray. She says she can be a football wife without being a Sunbeam. He tells her she needs to make it work and that Kelly was President of the Sunbeams. In the team meeting, Coach says they need to figure out why Blue is stinking up his field.

Team personnel comes in to get one of the players and tells him to get his playbook. Jazz gets a call and tells Sampson's wife that her husband has just been cut from the Sabers and she will not become a member of the Sunbeams. Keira says as an actress she goes through the same instability. One Sunbeam says Keira has nothing to worry about with her man since he's taking up all the team resources. Tasha says when Kelly was President none of this was going on.

Blue goes back to his room to find that all of his stuff is now Blue. Jason says it's a play on his name Blue. Blue gets mad and Jason asks him if he's going to fight the whole team. He explains that this is what happens in training camp. Jason tells him about what they did to him when he was a rookie. He says don't get mad, get even. Jason goes to his room and finds everything in yellow for High Yellow. The Sunbeams are at Chardonnay's for the sleepover party.

Tasha mentions her man and Chardonnay asks which one. She shushes her for airing out her business. Tasha asks Keira how she and her man are doing. Keira says he is not her man. Tasha says he's not going to be on the market for long. Keira says they are just friends. Tasha says she reminds her of Melanie — "I'm a doctor.

I'm a doctor. Chardonnay says she may not be Kelly Pitts but she made sure there were enough estheticians for everyone. Blue gets even by inviting homeless men to enjoy the comforts of the veteran players' rooms. He shows it to them via a video. The vets go to his room and bang on the door. Blue tells them to come back later, because he's feeling a little "blue" tonight. They burst the door down. Keira goes to Tasha and asks how she got into sports management.

Tasha tells her to stop trying to avoid the veteran Sunbeams. Keira and Jazz are about to get into a fight when Chardonnay grabs Keira and takes her out to the balcony. Chardonnay tells her not to let those women distract her from why she's there. Chardonnay says they don't scare her. Chardonnay says don't let them drag her to ugliness. They go back in and hear Jazz say she was sexing Jason first and says she would have had the place looking better.

Jazz calls Jason cheap and Chardonnay jumps on Jazz. Keira goes to grab her off Jazz and reminds her to keep her composure. Tasha tells them that's enough. She tells them they are all just mad and scared about their men getting cut. Tasha tells Jazz to apologize to Chardonnay. Jazz apologizes for sleeping with her husband and Chardonnay says she's sorry Jazz is a skank. Tasha tells the new Sunbeams they need to act like the old Sunbeams who were pillars in the community.

She says she misses Kelly and Melanie and then appoints herself the new President. Blue is tied up in his bed with the homeless men's clothes. Blue wants to get revenge again. Jason tells him if he was playing well he would be buddy-buddy with everyone up in there.

Jason tells him he has to play along and be a team player. Blue says he's not a team player, but a leader. Jason says this is the pros and everyone here is a leader. He tells Blue that if he comes in like he's better than everyone else, he lessens his chance to survive. He says he has to act like a part of the team before he's not a part of the team.

The rookie's are putting on a talent show dressed as cheerleaders. Jason comes in and says they have a late entry. Blue performs a song and dance act dressed in all Blue and painted in blue mocking himself and says he's learned his lesson. Jason says he's going to be alright. Tasha listens to a message from Rick that he can't wait to see her at Malik's event tonight. Pookie comes in carrying his last things into Tasha's home.

He says if he didn't have to unpack he would escort her to the event. Malik welcomes everyone to his event. He asks who likes breasts. He says breasts are out and asses are the new tig ol' bitties. He shows a video of him eating a cheeseburger when a woman with a big booty walks by. He asks himself why does he have to choose between his burger and the booty, when he says he doesn't have to choose and that he can have both at the same time.

He presents the fatty burger, two burgers side by side to look like a butt. He introduces Phatty's restaurant. He says he wants to open one in every major city. Tee-Tee asks Jason if he wants in on Phatty's. Jason says the burgers are phenomenal, but there is no way he is getting involved with a man who had to sell his house on Craigslist. Keira is at Blue's in a dress and he tells her she's overdressed for the Cheesecake Factory.

She tells him they are going to Malik's party. Blue says no and that he's not cool with Malik. Keira says it will be ok once Malik sees Blue is cool with Keira. Malik asks her if she's ok and that she said it was ok for him to invite Rick.

She says it's cool and that Rick missed that train and she's moved on with Pookie. Tasha tells Chardonnay to run interference and tells her to get the skanks away from Rick. Chardonnay goes over to them and asks if they heard that Kobe is in the hallway with some white chicks. The ladies leave. She tells Rick Tasha sent her over to get rid of them. He says to tell Tasha she doesn't see any ring on this finger. Tasha goes over and sends Chardonnay away.

He says he was waiting for a real woman to come along. He asks how much time do they have and she asks how much time do they need. Pookie appears at the party. She tries to hide. Rick says, "Wait a minute. That's Pookie? That's your dude? Pookie asks if that's Rick and asks if that's why she's been acting ghetto and inappropriate, because she thought he would trip that he ex is there.

He says he'll go over and say hi. Keira and Blue show up. Keira tells Tee-Tee to tell Malik to come and find her. He calls Keira and Blue a couple and Keira says just because they are both cute, people shouldn't assume they are a couple. He says they should take a shot every time someone asks if they are a couple. Chardonnay and Tasha watch Pookie and Rick talking. Malik meets a potential investor and asks what she thought of the presentation.

She says it was cute and delightful, but it isn't her cup of tea. He says it has already garnered investments from big time investors. She says it's impressive, but she was lead to believe that he wanted to take his brand to the next level and this seems like a lateral move.

She says that all of his ventures seem a little common, but to call her if he's interested in taking things to the next level. Pookie tells Tasha Rick said he's still in love with her, but then says he's just joking. He says he's cool and Rick asked him to be his bodyguard while he's in LA.

He says they will be hanging out a lot together. They continue to take shots. Chardonnay tells Rick that she doesn't know what kind of game he's running but he needs to shut it down. Rick asks if Tasha is in there and realizes Chardonnay is relaying messages from Tasha on the phone. He says he's tired of being her jumpoff and it's either him or Pookie. Jason walks up and asks how she knows Rick. She says everybody knows Rick Fox because he's a Laker.

Malik tells the investor how about he invest something in her and she asks if those rapey lines work. She says this attempt is low-rent to get in her pants and asks for her business card back and tears it up.

He says he already put her number is his phone and texted her a penis pic. Tee-Tee tells him that they have enough investors to make Phatty's a reality. He tells Tee-Tee to shut it down and that he's trying to rebrand himself. He tells his assistant to set up an appointment with Reese, the potential investor.

Keira and Blue arrive back home. She tells him once Malik gets to know him he'll fall in love with him too. They shake hands at the door and then kiss. Keira pulls away and then Blue apologizes. They blame it on being drunk and then kiss again and then tell each other goodnight.

Keira goes inside and throws up. Blue and Keira are jogging and they take a makeout break. Blue tells her don't start something she can't finish. She said she thought they were just friends who kiss. He says that he likes her and likes doing things with her and wants to continue doing nasty things with her. She tells him to come on so they can finish the run. Tasha and Pookie are at home and Pookie is working on his new business plan.

He tells her that Rick bought a gun and won't be needing his services now. Pookie tells her business is slow down here and he'll have to keep some of his clients up north to make ends meet. Chardonnay arrives and they leave to go to a movie. Rick is in the back seat of the car. Rick says he's not doing this back and forth anymore and it's either him or Pookie. She says she loves him and she can't live without him. She says she's going to have to let Pookie go.

Chardonnay says "poor, poor Pookie. Malik meets with the investor and she says she knows he's called her office, but they are just in different businesses. She says she is not interested in working with him unless he is ready to go to the next level.

He says he's done his research and loves the way she does business. He says his shelf life as an athlete is almost up and he needs to create a future for himself. She says if he's serious meet her tomorrow.

Tasha calls the Sunbeam meeting to order as the new President. She says preseason is coming and she has a list of activities and needs volunteers. Chardonnay signs up for the bake sale and Keira doesn't sign up for anything. She says she's not sure she's going to be a Sunbeam much longer. Tasha dismisses the meeting so she can talk to Keira and find out if it's about some sex business.

She tells Chardonnay she has clean-up duty. Keira says things are getting out of hand with Blue. Tasha asks if he's too big or too small. Keira says she doesn't know because she hasn't seen it and doesn't know if she wants him to be her first. Tasha says she can't mean she's never had sex before. Keira says she just hasn't met the guy she wants to go there with.

Chardonnay says if she had believed everything she'd heard about football players, she never would have gotten with Jason. Tasha asks her what is she going to do. Keira says she's good and when she meets the guy who lives up to her list, she'll think about it. She says she wants someone who has her back for a change and wants someone to care about her career. She says she wants someone who can make her laugh even when things are bad.

Pookie says he's heading to Mexico. Tasha says he's smothering her and she needs some space. She says she's tired of looking at his mess. She pulls a diamond out of his box of things and asks if it's a diamond pinkie ring. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She says yes. Malik goes to meet the investor and the elevators in the building are down.

Malik runs up the stairs. Tasha calls Chardonnay and tells her she's engaged to Pookie. She says he gave her a Janet Jackson ring. She says when Pookie put the ring on her finger their whole life together flashed before her eyes. Chardonnay asks what happened to Rick. Jason asks Chardonnay who she's talking to. She says Rick wants to come to Spadonnay. Malik is tired and sweaty by the time he makes it up to her office. She says there is no meeting and this was just a test.

She says she had the elevators shut down to see how serious he was. He's about to leave when she says she has some men she would like him to meet. They are looking for a spokesperson. They say anyone who can run up all those stairs in 7 minutes is the person for the job. Tasha gets a call from Rick. He asks if she did it. She says she did it alright. Blue knocks on Keira's door and says he thought she might be avoiding him about their run. She says she's running lines.

He says he'll cook her up something. He offers to help her with her lines. They run lines and when he's supposed to kiss her she pulls away. She says it's weird. He makes her food and she says it's actually pretty good. They run the lines again and she lets him kiss her. He starts to undress her and takes off his shirt. Blue and Keira wake up in bed together.

Keira asks him why he tastes minty and Blue says he got up and gargled, because he couldn't wake up and kiss someone with the stank mouth. Keira runs to the bathromm to gargle. Blue says he doesn't want this to be a quit it and hit it. Keira says it was good and they should do it again. Keira brings Blue breakfast in bed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She then surprises him with a cheerleader uniform that she's wearing.

He asks if they are making a sex tape. She says she's thinking about wearing it to the game tomorrow. He says tomorrow might be the first and last time she sees him. She asks isn't it just a preseason game and he says every game counts. Tasha and Chardonnay are in the suite at the game.

Chardonnay asks how is she showing off her engagement to Pookie with Rick still in the picture. She says eventually one of them will leave her and until then she will just ride it until the wheel falls off. She says they are both out of town for a few days and she has time to figure it out. Keira arrives and asks if she missed kickoff. She asks Chardonnay if she looks different. Chardonnay asks if she got extensions. Then Keira asks if she looks like a woman and Chardonnay guesses that she had sex.

Tasha comes up and tells Keira she looks different and that there is a spread in her hips. She asks if she had sex. Keira says it's the extensions and then asks if she got engaged. Blue catches a pass for a touchdown.

Rick shows up at the game and surprises Tasha. Tasha asks Rick what he's doing there. He says he got on the first plane he could after she told him all the messiness with Pookie was over. Chardonnay offers her seat to him. Jazz asks Rick if this is a congratulations visit.

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